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Welcome to O Gauge Train Repair.  This website is dedicated to O-Gauge and larger model trains.  Join us in the fun of model railroading.  Barry Coulter is a Lionel factory trained authorized service professional.

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Keep your toy trains running smoothly with repairs by Coulter O-Gauge Repair Service.






Barry Coulter, owner of O Gauge Train Repair

Barry Coulter is an old time train enthusiast, dating back from his childhood when he received his first toy train as a Christmas gift at the age of 8 years old.  He has always enjoyed trains during his entire lifetime.  

For over 40 years, Barry's profession was automotive repairs.  While serving his country in the army, Barry was a helicopter mechanic, after which he was hired by Caterpillar Tractor Company as an inspection specialist.  His passion for automotive repair lured him away from that job  to build his own private auto repair business where he worked for over 40 years repairing all makes of cars and trucks.  

Finally, Barry and Linda raised their family and now it's time for Barry to return to his boyhood passion of trains and his heart's desire of model railroading.  He combines that passion with 40 years of repair knowledge, skills and expertise.

Barry Coulter's rich heritage of railroading began with his Grandfather and Great Grandfather Coulter who worked at the C, B & Q railroad in central Illinois all during their adult lifetimes. 

Below is a photograph of my Grandpa Charles Coulter when he was Section Foreman of CB&Q working out of Oak Hill, Illinois.

Grandpa Coulter lived along the tracks at Yates City, Illinois, near the depot.  His daughter bought the property next door and she continued to live there the rest of her life. Barry played at that home along the tracks many years while he was growing up and he has many happy childhood memories of trains. 

His family instilled in his heart a great passion for model railroading. After 60 cherished years of operation, that Lionel train set that Barry received from his father still runs perfectly today.

Today, using over 40 years experience as a professional mechanic, Barry Coulter is highly skilled and knowledgeable about model train repairs and maintenance.

They instilled in Barry's heart a passion for railroading with many happy childhood memories of trains.

We dedicate this website to Barry's Grandpa Charles Coulter (1884-1937) who gave 38 years of his life to working for the railroad.  


Keep your toy trains running smoothly with repairs and maintenance by O Gauge Train Repair, a Lionel factory trained authorized service station for o scale model trains. O Gauge Train Repair is owned and operated by Barry Coulter, a professional with over 40 years experience in mechanical repairs and maintenance.

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